The AIDS crisis of the past quarter century, coupled with the problems of poverty and other diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis, has killed a generation of Zambians. The average age of a Zambian citizen is now only 19 and 60% of Zambians are under age 18. While more than 80% of Zambian families have taken in orphans, many children still find themselves living on the street and struggling to feed themselves a meal, even every other day. Your sponsorship is truly lifesaving and gives a child the opportunity to receive necessary resources and care.

The Zambian Children’s Fund has been raising and educating orphaned children since 2001 at Chishawasha Children’s Home of Zambia, which consists of housing and a primary school, built just north of the capital city of Lusaka. We current support over 160 children through various programs. It costs approximately $2400 each year to raise and educate one child, and rising costs for food and fuel are increasing that amount each year. Your gift of sponsorship helps us provide a loving home, meals, clothing, medical care, education and skills training. Sponsors will receive:

  • A photo and background information on your child
  • An annual letter from the child (your letters are hand-carried by Kathe to Chishawasha once each year)
  • A quarterly newsletter with information about Chishawasha and all the children

A gift of sponsorship can transform a child’s life. Help us by pledging $25 per month, $75 per quarter or $300 per year. Thank you for your support!