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April 2012

A New Project at Chishawasha

September 2011

Make a Difference

July 2011

Paxina Mary Makunka

April 2011

2011 Container Sent on January 29

August 2010

Chishawasha Rest Stop Opened!

March 2010

Report From Zambia

October 2009

The Zambian Children's Fund in Todays Economy

June 2009

Chishawasha is Officially Open

March 2009

Your Turn to Help

October 2008

Growing Children

August 2008

Monique's Story

April 2008

Commemoration of World AIDS Orphan Day is May 7

October 2007

New House... New Kids... New Clothes

July 2007

CCHZ Children Learn Photography

April 2007

Facing Daily Challenges at Chishawasha Learning Center

December 2006

Update from Zambia (Kathy Padilla)

May 2006

Edith and Force Join the Family

February 2006

Building Our Primary School

August 2005

News from Zambia (Kathy Padilla)

January 2005

Children Helping Children

May 2004

Zambian Efforts: Update

June 2003

We're Also Helping Grandparents

September 2003

History of the Zambian Children's Fund

September 2001

News from Zambia (Kathy Padilla)