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Ambuya means “Grandmother” in Zambia. Since AIDS and other illnesses have decimated the parental generation in sub-Saharan Africa, the burden of raising children has fallen increasingly upon grandparents. In a country where one-third of all children are orphaned, the reality for Zambian grandmothers is grim. With the loss of their own children from disease, grandmothers are left struggling to raise their grandchildren. They are quiet heroines, the nurturing core of their families through several generations.

Mrs. Anastasia Makunka is one such heroine. Nine of her ten children died of AIDS and she was left with the care of 22 grandchildren, doing her best to feed, clothe and nurture them in an effort to keep the family intact. When she realized her own health was deteriorating, she brought six of the children to Chishawasha to live there.

Chishawasha Children’s Home of Zambia helps grandparents by:

  • Providing financial assistance to pay school fees, buy uniforms, books and school supplies so the children can attend school.
  • Hiring them to work at Chishawasha as housemothers, teachers and in other available positions.
  • Providing food to help them feed their families.
  • Providing a home when a grandparent knows they can no longer care for their grandchildren.

Join hands with the Zambian Ambuyas! Remember how satisfying it is to cuddle your grandchildren, read a bedtime story, watch them sleep or play, listen to their stories and marvel at their mastery of new skills…these are the universal joys of being a grandparent. For $100 per year, an Ambuya will receive a card of recognition, a pin to help spread the word and a quarterly newsletter with information about Chishawasha, the staff and all the children. Thank you for your support!